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Accountancy Services in Redcar

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Penny & Pounds offer payroll services to help small and medium sized businesses manage staff payments easily.

If your business or yourself employ other people to work under your company name then you need to make sure they are being paid right according to the law.

If you are unsure of how to carry out the payroll service properly it can take a very long time and can be tedious. That is where Penny & Pounds come in to save the day as we do all the hard work for you.

payroll services in redcar


When it comes to administering a payroll it can become confusing and difficult to properly analyse so our team work alongside you so you understand the processes your account is going through.

At the same time as getting your accounts in order we also make sure they are legal as we follow all the current regulations in tax services and employment legislation.

Our accountants have the experience yo need to help you feel confident that your staff will be paid accordingly and that HMRC receive the correct Tax returns.

New Business Support

We offer payroll support for small and medium businesses throughout the year. Whether you are a new business or you need someone to manage the burden of Payroll, PAYE and Payslips, call us today.

Keeping Costs Down

We believe that we provide the best solution for helping business owners keep the cost down on their bookkeeping. We can manage your accounts without the need to employ a full-time accountant.

Why Choose us?

By using our payroll services, we take the pressure off you when it comes to paying your employees correctly, and we can also provide payslips. Our payroll service is second to none, and we have been supporting business needs for many years.

So if you are looking for a local company based in Redcar, who can offer the best advice, all you need to do is get in touch.

Feel free to contact us for a friendly chat to discuss your business needs. Our office, based in the Redcar area of North Yorkshire is where our professional accountants are waiting to take your call.


We offer a complete range of accountancy services throughout Redcar and the surrounding area, so you can get back to what is most important in your business. We will work with you to establish and implement an easy and effective payroll system within your company. Rest assured your employees will be paid correctly & on time.

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